A land of tradition and gastronomy

  • AOP

    Fishes, blueberries, honey, AOP raclette, highly spiced dried meat, carefully made rye bread – the region is bursting with culinary traditions and Alpine delicacies. Thanks to its privileged geographical location, the St-Bernard region enjoys an ideal climate, which is responsible for the richness of its local produce. Local specialities vie with haute gastronomy and quality wines for guaranteed enjoyment in the many restaurants in the region. Les Alpes Restaurant in Orsières (with 17 Gault & Millau points) gives pride of place to traditional gourmet cuisine marked by regional flavours with a menu and daily specials focusing on local produce.

  • Fishes

    By buying a license directly on site, you can fish in the lake of Champex. The fish that you can find are: brown trout, brook trout, cristivomer, rainbow trout rainbow. Trout is particularly tasty and served in several restaurants of the resort.

  • Our cheeses

    Raclette Cheese

    From the pastures to the dairy – learn about how raclette cheese is made and round off your day with a taste of authentic Raclette AOP.

    Our cheeses
  • Blueberries

    The blueberries are a fruit present in the region of Champex-Lac, particularly in the Val d'Arpette. These small blue-violet berries have a mild flavor and are slightly sweet.

  • Honey

    The rich alpine flora of Champex-Lac makes the region particularly attractive to bees. With the beautiful alpine botanical garden Flore-Alpe, the bees find the resources for the production of this yellow gold.

  • Dry salted products

    Salted meats – previously required to preserve food, is today part of the region’s culinary traditions. IGP dried meat, raw ham and sausages – the number of Alpine delicacies to taste and relish is endless. You won’t be able to say no.

    Dry salted products
  • Bio Alp Tea / Aromatic and medicinal plants

    Cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants is well established in the St-Bernard region. Thyme, leon balm, mint and several dozen other species are used to make Bio Alp tea, herb teas, spices, sweets or well-known cosmetics, thus bringing the benefits of the mountains within everyone’s reach.

    Bio Alp Tea / Aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Other dairy products

    The region is bursting with other highly diverse, quality dairy products: pasture cheeses, unpasteurized, goat or ewe tomme, yogurts and cottage cheeses.

    Other dairy products
  • Entremont basket

    Label AOP Pays du St-Bernard

    The Corbeille d’Entremont contains the jewels in the crown of the St-Bernard region’s local produce. It groups the above-mentioned products and adds the famous AOP rye bread, as well as the Entremont honey renowned for the diversity of its flora and wines from Vollèges and Bovernier cultivated by the best owner-cellar masters in Valais.

    Entremont basket